Sunday, January 6, 2013

Favorite fitness/health apps

If any of you guys are looking for any fitness/ health apps, you have came to the right place. Today we are going to review our top 3 most favorite health/fitness apps. So lets get started! 

Nike Training: Nike training gives you basically your own trainer. You can get lean, toned, and strong with over 100 custom built workouts. It's really easy to use and is really a necessity to have. 

Flat Ab Program: This all keeps me energized, in a healthy diet, as well as motivates me to exercise. It helps you to create positive habits. We are in love with this app and we highly recomend it.

Fooducate: This app give all your favorite foods a grade on the heathy scale. This has helped us find better alternatives. Even when we are at the grocery store, we can scan some Italian ice and see what grade the apps gives us.This app has really helped us lived a more balance and nutritious diet.

Hope this helped. Comment your favorite apps ; Heath related or not, and don't forget to follow us - S &V 

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